Air jordan sneakers shoes

Many of us have no time to go shopping anymore because of work or some other important things. And that is exactly what we offer here at, the convenience of shopping while you are at home. Kareems Kicks is an online shoe store that offers a huge selection of discount athletic shoes whether you are looking for Retro Air Jordan sneakers, Air Force Ones, Nike Dunks, Converse, Adidas, BAPE, Puma, Reebok, Timberland, Jordans, basketball shoes, TMAC, running, Tennis, custom made Nike AF1, Nike Shox, trainers, Retro Air Force, women’s Air Max or walking shoes that are available in affordable cheap prices, we have that for you and a lot more!

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The techology of nike shoes

outsole materials
▲ BFor vamp or boots, can make they increase elasticity and cloth. ▲ Gore – fex waterproof cloth Have waterFor vamp or boots, can make they increase elasticity and cloth. ▲ Gore – fex waterproof cloth Have waterproof effect of cloth, normally used for autumn outdoor shoe money and cross-country slow running shoes. ▲ Foamposite patent shoes shape Nike shoes, patent has high and texture and comfort, can provide excellent package and protective. ▲ Drag on wear-resisting material. – Often used for tennis shoes, its hard material and design can strengthen the medial head and shoe front resistance.proof effect of cloth, normally used for autumn outdoor shoe money and cross-country slow running shoes. ▲ Foamposite patent shoes shape Nike shoes, patent has high and texture and comfort, can provide excellent package and protective. ▲ Drag on wear-resisting material. – Often used for tennis shoes, its hard material and design can strengthen the medial head and shoe front resistance.RS1000 carbon fiber rubber
In the process of making rubber carbon fiber materials, or carbon elemental powder. This rubber wear-resisting, grip, but the friction in the ground will leave black mark. For running shoes.
▲ amplified marking non-mark rubber
And BRS1000 instead, mixing carbon process and won’t leave a mark on the floor. For basketball shoes.
▲ Solid Rubber hard Rubber
By 60% of synthetic rubber and 40% of the natural rubber compression resistance, good, is most of the basketball shoe materials.
▲ Duraon rubber
An artificial soft rubber, light texture, have certain effect of shock absorber, good grip.
▲ DRC wear-resisting hard rubber
With hard rubber of synthetic rubber and compression resistance, the better. Use this rubber parts of tennis shoes.
▲ Gum Rubber ShengXiangJiao
With natural rubber as main raw materials, artificial rubber, soft and supplemented by compressed, good toughness.
▲ Sticky Rubber soft Rubber
With natural rubber, in certain multi-functional sports shoes, sports shoes, slippers of aerobic and has a good sole comfort and grip. Resistance is poor.

in the material
▲ PU material
PU bubble dissolve into colloidal again into the model that the foam, heating surface smooth, after a long time will become yellow and corrosion, has certain shock absorber and stability.
▲ PHYLON material
PHYLON foamed plastic particles into the model of heating and cooling after pressurized surface is white and finished wrinkle, light texture, had better avoid vibration.
▲ EVA material
EVA foaming plastics particles and heat, light, finished product surface roughness has shock.

hoes materials
▲ Full Grain should all lines cortex
In most parts of the wear leather made of leather, like a man’s skin pores and have good permeability and abrasion resistance, support value.
▲ Nubuck leather face
Use is made of leather, leather with great polish to soften the leather, have made good permeability and support and abrasion resistance.
▲ Suede shammy
Animal cortical via brush processing, light and abrasion resistance. Have certain extensibility.
▲ Synthetic Ledather Synthetic cortex
Superfine fibers and PU made of synthetic leather, senior looks like leather, light, don’t knit deformation, have good abrasion resistance, supporting and clean easily.
▲ Synthetic materials. 1996 synthesis
PU made of synthetic material, the surface is smooth and bright, commonly known as “paint”.
▲ Mesh cloth net
Nylon Polyster or by which the network layer, woven cloth qualitative light, breathe freely, not easy wear.
▲ Lycra elastic fabrics. Leica
For vamp or boots, can make they increase elasticity and cloth.
▲ Gore – fex waterproof cloth
Have waterproof effect of cloth, normally used for autumn outdoor shoe money and cross-country slow running shoes.
▲ Foamposite patent shoes shape
Nike shoes, patent has high and texture and comfort, can provide excellent package and protective.
▲ Drag on wear-resisting material. –
Often used for tennis shoes, its hard material and design can strengthen the medial head and shoe front resistance.

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Air Jordans:

There are too many websites online that put out so much recycled information, pictures, prices, deals, releases, etc about Nike Jordans shoes; ourselves included. When we say too many sites talking about New Jordans, we are not suggesting that there should be less. We are simply saying that there are more than enough websites for the millions of Michael Air Jordan sneaker lovers to visit and get info, so why show your loyalty to one over the other. If you go to your favorite search engine in an effort to find info about your favorite Retro Jordans, you will get tons of results. For example, if you search for Air Jordan Release dates; you will likely get 100,000s of results of Jordans release dates for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and maybe some say they have release date info for Jordans coming out in 2011.

You will find other sites online that are actually selling new Jordan releases at what they say are the best prices. At times you can find Jordan kicks advertised as being sold cheaper than $30 per pair. That itself should tell you that they also will come with a self destruct timer because they are EXTREMELY cheap in every way you can imagine. Picture ordering a pair of what, they call, New Nike AirJordans that cost you $30 or less. That dirt cheap discount price that you receive also gives you many other matching characteristics. Getting your product shipped in a thin plastic white bag that barely meets shipping stands, a box that is thin as recycled paper that is all wet and soggy that falls apart upon being touched by your own hand(this is IF you even get a box with the shipment of your cheap Jordans), an odor that you are afraid of admitting is coming from you brand new pair of Jordans that are supposed to be coming out in a few months to the general public, a product that you THOUGHT was identified as Nike Jordans shoes but when inspecting the color paint glue and Air Jordan retro Jumpman logo you realized is not anything that you would find at your local footlocker store, having clean soles on the bottom of the shoe but you notice dirt dust and scuff marks from the sneaker obviously being manhandled by someone who could care less about your, Authentic Jordan, shoe that has just been shipped to you, etc.

But wait, it does not end there. Maybe half or none of what was just described about happened to you when you order your insanely cheap cheaply made discounted Nike and Jordans kicks. Instead you find that when you go to put your foot in the size 11 sneaker that you order, you ca not even get your heel in it; even after curling your toes as much you can. You then go in to inspect your shoe that you were led to believe are the same as you saw on, and you notice that there is a white sticker that resembles the normal sticker typically stitched on the inside of all Nike Air Jordan shoes, and it is covering the actual size 8.5 product that was sent to you. Although at this point you realize what was just done to you, with wishful thinking, you plan to contact the vendor that sold you the product letting them know there was a mistake and they, accidently, send you a size 8.5 when you clearly ordered a size 11 Air Jordans shoe. To your surprise you find out that your numerous attempts to contact the vendor via email, their only unreliable method of communication, you never get a response.

Let us say for example, because this is the case many times, there is a live support option on the website, so you go ahead to try and start a conversation to let them know about your issue that you are having with the sizing of your Air Jordan retro sneaker. You then wait minutes at a time for a response for your requests for assistance with this issue. When you get a slow delayed single word response from this, customer service agent, you realize that this person obviously has the slightest idea what customer service is, that is of course if they can speak(type) conversational English. At this point reality looks clearer than ever, and you have light bulbs going off in your head telling you that it likely was not the greatest decision to order from this website who advertises the best prices online for the newest Jordan kicks for 2010. You then remember questioning whether this sneaker sale was too good to be true, and then the doubts you had after seeing the pictures of Jordan shoes that they had almost looked like defective dirty nonprofessional Jordan(or Jordon) products.

What is the point? What is our moral in typing out all this info and wasting the time of our 1000s of visitors that already know better? The moral is, if you want a new pair of Jordans and Nikes from 2009 or 2010 or whatever, go to a reputable reliable and well known sneaker store such as Footlocker, Foot Action, Finish Line, Athletes Foot, Lady Footlocker, etc. Maybe you want to order a pair of new Jordan Sneakers that were recently released from a magazine or online. In that case you can order from a magazine like Eastbay, or you can order from websites like,,,,, because sometimes people are able to sell fake products),, etc. Sure none of these websites will likely have all or any of their Air Jordan Kicks for $30 or anywhere near it. BUT, you can be 100% confident that you will actually receive a legitimate AUTHENTIC Nike Air Jordan shoe without question. So, finally the moral is: If the price is too good to be true, it usually is when it comes to NikeAirJordans sneakers.

Sometime we get requests about the options people have when it comes to the different types of authentic Jordans kicks that are available for purchase, and that is an excellent question. Along with so many others that we regularly get. For that reason below we are going to list some of the top questions we often times get regarding Jordan sneakers:

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the Nike Nike — in the United States

NIKE company was officially established in 1972. Its predecessor is by incumbent President phil knight and NIKE, bill bormann coach investment blue ribbon sports company. The company product all-embracing: movement of clothing, shoes, sports equipment, etc.


It with its own outstanding achievements proved the founder bill bormann once said: “as long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And the world as athletes, Nike will continue to grow stronger.”


Nike is the movement of the language of the language.

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Jordan shoes-Environmental achievement sports beauty

environmental initiatives, let the world see a healthy, environmental protection of Beijing, it is always emphasized by the Jordan’s social responsibility is the embodiment of the Olympic spirit response.”
Jordan has learned, with “is for” advocated “brand spirit, pursue, positive” life in philosophy, and is dedicated to the most suitable for Chinese consumers custom-made2 motion products. Jordan sneakers professional and comfortable in the industry and consumers have very good reputation. Jordan in professional technology research and product functional demands made a lot of work, in full consideration of Chinese size, foot and exercise habits, on the basis of the organic combination of the body mechanics and engineering theory, developed for Chinese sports products, has successfully developed “wing elastic system”, “OTWO movement systems such as high scientific and technological content of the patent technology, and state sport general administration of expediting scientific. Jordan sneakers style design, besides enjoying also follow the shoes development trend, combining the actual level of Chinese consumers, and puts forward the corresponding footwear design research direction, the purpose is to make Jordan sneakers coverall leads domestic product design tide. Jordan has successively obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification, China’s “national inspection-exempt products”, “Chinese famous brand”, “the Chinese famous brand” honor. At present, Jordan is through the 31 provinces (areas) 30 branch and more than 4000 sales outlets to provide consumers with the most comprehensive and comfortable products and services.

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Puma x Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory

Our favorite magazine’s Puma collaboration is finally here with this model called the Blaze of Glory. Sneaker Freaker sorted through Puma back catalog and tried to find something fitting for their collaboration but ended up taking pieces from the Disc Blaze and created this model. We’ve seen sneak previews of them sometime back but its finally arriving in stores. In Australia, SF’s ground, the Blaze of Glory will release on April 25 along with Issue 12 of Sneaker Freaker Magazine. The rest of the world will get the sneakers around the same date. Read what Woody of SF has to say about the here

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Get Nike Sneakers For the Utmost Comfort And Ease

If you are looking for new shoes or sneakers then you ought to check out Nike sneakers! These will grab your attention! Nike is a widely known company & is famous for having long term durability & comfort. When you buy new Nike sneakers & replace the elderly ones, you receive high level of comfort & ease & you receive the giant difference soon. Nike always tries to satisfy its customers by providing them high quality & high level of durability which other companies are unable to deliver.

It’s true that some of Nike sneakers are pricey but you can have the chance to get cheap Nike sneakers when they are on sale! You can also save up money to buy these great sneakers! It sometimes becomes hard to buy the pricey shoes when you don’t have good-looking wage but no worries when you have lovely option to buy cheap ones which belong to Nike. People are crazy about the Nike products because they know that Nike is always inclined towards introducing matchless features in the sneakers in Nike basketball sneakers which are better than earlier. Never leave the hand of Nike sneakers which are best choice to provide your feet an utmost console.

Nike also provides lovely range in Nike jogging sneakers which are ideal for the bottom of your feet. These jogging sneakers are best source to motivate your sporty feelings which can only boost up, if your feet support you in the way you require. Go for it!

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The adidas

Star Wars would serve as one of the leading collections of Adidas and just cannot stop suprising fans in frequent intervals. We have seen the latest Star Wars Collection that includes various sneaker pairs which involve the Adidas Top Ten, ZX 800, SL 72 and Chewbacca. Aside from these, there are also other additions made for this collection which include tow jackets.

Now the great news is that you can buy each item of this collection all from one place. Schuh-you introduced an Adidas x Star Wars Microsite exclusive to display and sell the collection. You can seen the collection and buy it straight from this microsite which features recent updates about the fresh product releases as well. If you are a great Star Wars fan, then you would definitely enjoy this collection undoubtedly. Take a close look at the images featured so that you can begin to purchase your favorite Star Wars collection and enjoy.

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Nike Air Force One Sneaker

Nike produces Air Force 1 sneakers. First released in 1982, this basketball sneaker has remained popular for 25 years. The sneaker is known for its patented use of Nike air expertise, which increases the comfort level of the sneaker.
In the modern retail market, a typical Air Force 1 sneaker, although limited in production, can cost about $80.00 – $150.00. These basketball sneakers are available from Nike, or Nike authorized dealers such as Finish Line & Foot Locker. Because the Air Force 1 sneaker is a limited quantity athletic footwear line, it cannot be bought online,
Appeal of Air Force 1
The appeal of the Air Force 1 sneaker may lie in its simple styling & ease of customization. In addition to “Nike ID” customization services, the Air Force 1 sneaker may even be airbrushed by artists such as those affiliated with the company Airmagination.
Airbrushing Air Force 1 sneakers is becoming increasingly popular among admirers of this sneaker model. Although the method can be pricey due to the needed special equipment, the customer is guaranteed to own a distinctive piece of footwear art.

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Brand History of nike

he original idea was extremely simple and modest: Bring $1,000 worth of low-cost but high-quality Japanese running shoes named Onitsuka Tigers into the U.S. and sell them out of the back of a van at track meets. When University of Oregon accounting student and track runner Phil Knight approached his coach, Bill Bowerman, about the plan in 1962, it might’ve even sounded pretty lame. Bowerman was, after all, Oregon’s legendary track coach; trainer of All-Americans and Olympic athletes, and destined to be inducted into multiple halls of fame and even credited with popularizing jogging in America. Two years later, Knight convinced Bowerman the plan could work, and the two agreed to invest $500 apiece in the idea. A few decades later the result is a multibillion dollar corporation and the world’s most successful athletics apparel and footwear manufacturing company: Nike.

Blue Ribbon Sports, Bowerman and Knight’s original company, did not remain an import-only business for long. Bowerman soon had ideas to improve on the Onitsuka model, and Knight determined more money could be made from producing and selling his own products rather than acting as middleman for someone else’s company. In 1966 they moved operations from the van to a Santa Monica, California retail store, and the next year Bowerman developed his own model of running shoe, a design that would eventually become known as the “Cortez,” still one of Nike’s most popular shoes. By 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports was ready to end its distribution of Onitsuka products to focus on developing its own footwear.

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